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How I learned Angular and Nodejs?

focus on small achieveable steps that each built upon the previous step

What is a DMZ?

any time you allow access to one of your devices from anywhere outside your network, you open up a security risk that an actor from outside can compromise that device.

SPAs, SSR, SSGs, and the JAMstack

an understanding of what they all mean and what makes them different.

Thoughts about SSGs

I had been hearing a lot about static site generators and decided it might be worth learning about what they're all about.

End meetings and appointments early

These days, I have a lot of meetings. In fact, a lot of these meetings butt up against one another, meaning that overflow from one meeting to the next steamrolls the rest of my day.

Coping with externalized dependencies

A couple months ago, we started talking about creating a new team that will be focused on doing nothing but building the business layer.

Problems Not Solutions

By digging deeper, we both win. They get a better solution to their business problem, and we ensure that solution works best in our system.


the art of maximizing the amount of work not done–is essential

Looking Further Ahead

If the value is positive, you’re ahead of schedule. If the value is negative, you’re behind schedule.

Retrospective thoughts - review the week

one member said that he can’t even remember what happened last sprint

Consistency is key

The key to getting people to understand a process and stick to it without supervision is to be consistent.

Sprint planning - how long is too long?

3 hours? Why are your Sprint planning sessions taking so long?!

Team branding

A team brand can be anything that defines the team.

Political Correctness vs Politeness

It explores the problems some people have with political correctness and offers the idea of politeness as an alternative.

Teams Are Greater Than Projects

I feel strongly that to really get the most out of agile, you need to secure, grow, and protect your team.

Sprint Planning Meeting Introductory Script

I’ve added comments around it explaining why I say the things I’m saying because following a script is good, but understanding a script is better.

Lazy fitness

my 15 became 20, which became 25

Interviews - what are you looking for?

I tend to come in with a list of technical questions to jog my mind if the conversation stalls out, but they’re merely there as a bridge to move the conversation along when the thread stalls out

Daggerfall - Aldingwall explore

I’ve created a quick demo to allow you to walk around Aldingwall and see how the engine works

Bouncing Balls for Babies - Windows

I have ported Bouncing Balls for Babies to the Windows store.

Bouncing Balls for Babies - Android

After about 40 hours or so of development, I’ve completed Bouncing Balls for Babies.

Bouncing Balls for Babies Launch

created an alpha deployment for a game I’ve been working on called ‘Bouncing Balls for Babies’.

Breathing and the 4 stages of competence

It suggests that individuals are initially unaware of how little they know, or unconscious of their incompetence.

What is stealing focus?

the focussed window on my dev box would occasionally lose focus.