Goon Gangs

A social game revolving around random events triggered by moving around common real life locations.


You create a gang of goons, who you can customize the look and feel for (not that many options).

You start with only one goon, but can slowly get more goons (up to 5)

You give your gang a name and logo.


This is a game designed for mobile devices.  By taking your device with you, it will scan for nearby cellphone towers and wifi networks.  When one is detected, that cell tower location is sent to a central server and maintained for a number of hours.  Any other players who detect the same cell tower have a chance to have an encounter between your two gangs.  You only receive between 3 and 5 encounters per day.

Encounters are played out as scripted events/situations with your (and potentially other) gangs.  Each encounter gives you more experience points that can be used to buy new skills and items for your gang members.  You can also be granted special items from these events.

When an event is triggered, all involved parties are notified that an event has happened, then can launch the app and watch a replay of what happened (can watch last 10 events, can store up to 3 events as ‘favorites’).


Once you’ve had an interaction with another gang, they’re listed to your “phone”.  You can use this to text their gang messages, send items, and challenge to non-event rumbles.


You can set a specific cell tower or wifi network to be your headquarters.  This can be “re-homed” at most once every 3 days.

At your headquarters you have access to new features: you can train your goons by spending experience points, you can call and invite other gang members over to rumble, you can send other gangs items as gifts.


You can spend experience points on items, customizations, logo segments, renames, more goons, etc.. for your gang.

You can purchase experience points as an in-app purchase.

You can purchase additional goons as an in-app purchase.

Technical Thoughts


Splash Screen – displays company logo and game title/logo

Login/Register – allows users to login/register their account

Headquarters – training room, cell phone, customize gang members

Shop – purchase items, logo, rename, goons, customization, experience

Cell phone – text other gang, gift items, call other gang for rumble

Encounters – tons of encounters. Various scripted scenarios

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