Bouncing Balls for Babies Launch

I have created an alpha deployment for a game I’ve been working on called ‘Bouncing Balls for Babies’.

Bouncing Balls for Babies screenshot
Bouncing Balls for Babies screenshot

The principle is having 3 balls bounce around a gameplay area squishing bugs.  It’s rather primitive, but has been fun to develop.  It is a game designed for a windows desktop, though I’ll use this as an excuse to figure out how to publish games to Windows Store, maybe 360, maybe windows phone.

I have a lot more features planned to add to this game such as custom image packs (skin the balls to be YOUR images), splash screens, help menu, background music, port to monogame to allow deployment to android and ios.

Click here to access the download page

My son seems to get a kick out of this game, and that’s all the reward I could want.

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