Win+X ease of access customization

I really like Windows 8. The replacement of the start menu with the Windows 8 style (Metro) page is amazing. Since I spend my workdays exclusively on windows machines, I’ve picked up some useful tips to help with usability (I love usability). Some of the most important things I access when I’m working can be found on the Win+X (thats windows key + X) context menu.

press windows key + x on your keyboard

I was reading a Reddit post today about Windows Blue (in case you haven’t heard, it’s being released for free as Windows 8.1) and while downvoting a lot of comments (Maah! I can’t find the start menu! Maaaaah! When the Metro page shows up I forget what I was doing!) and upvoting some very reasonable people (Just press the windows key, start typing the name of the thing you’re looking for, and it appears VERY quick, hit enter and you’re in), I found a comment with information on how to customize Win+X.


Reddit user (IFEice) posted the following (edited by myself for a path change):

  • For those interested, you can change the contents in the context menu mentioned by Fickelbr by following this path: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WinX
  • Where [USERNAME] is the user account you use to log into windows The contents are grouped.
  • You can remove groups, add new groups etc.
  • This is mine: Edit: you’ll have to either log out or restart explorer.exe to apply the effect I think.

That folder has 3 subfolders by default (Group1, Group2, Group3) with shortcuts. The downside is that all you can do with this is remove some entries from this list.


If you want to add extra entries to this list, you’ll have to wait for my next post.

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