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Bouncing Balls for Babies – Windows

bb4b screenshot 2

I have ported Bouncing Balls for Babies to the Windows 8 store. You can download see it by clicking the Windows Store button below the screenshot. It has actually been on the windows app store for about a month, but I ran into some difficulties because it was listed in Russia, South Korea, and a …

Bouncing Balls for Babies – Android

bouncing balls for babies splash screen

    It would mean a lot to me if you would install this game (there are NO ads, it request NO access to your information and it is FREE), then give it a rating and review on the play store. After about 40 hours or so of development, I’ve completed Bouncing Balls for Babies.  I’ve …

Bouncing Balls for Babies Launch

Bouncing Balls for Babies screenshot

I have created an alpha deployment for a game I’ve been working on called ‘Bouncing Balls for Babies’. The principle is having 3 balls bounce around a gameplay area squishing bugs.  It’s rather primitive, but has been fun to develop.  It is a game designed for a windows desktop, though I’ll use this as an …