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The Agile Manifesto was created in 2001 as a philosophy for improving the way software is developed.  It was created by 17 authors and has become wildly popular in the software development eco-system.  If you’ve heard of Scrum or Kanban, those are implementations of Agile.  The authors also agreed on 12 principles.  This article will …

Teams Are Greater Than Projects

I talk about my team a lot. I feel like people are the most important piece of the puzzle - Erica Enders-Stevens

My post Sprint Planning Meeting Introductory Script sparked some conversation with an old schoolmate on facebook, Justin Antoszek.   He was describing his department.  He’s a senior software developer in an R&D department with 3 teams running 3 different projects that have several people involved in multiple teams depending on which project has the highest priority from sprint to …