Memories of Minecraft

lazy minecraft sunday

I enjoy playing minecraft. I got my hands on a copy of it back before it was GA’d (generally available) and instantly started dumping many many hours into it. I’ve seen some comics about the stages of minecraft addiction, and I’ve gotta say, it pretty accurately reflected my experiences.  I can’t find a good source for it right now (anything you can’t find after a minute long google search probably isn’t worth finding), but I’ll just talk about my experiences.

First up was exploration. This game drops you in the middle of nowhere, no manual, no explanation, just you, the world and your fists. I ran around, over mountains, admiring this interesting art style. Somewhere between Lego and life. It wasn’t long before night fell, and I was murdered by bloodthirsty zombies.

Next was on to research. Since I didn’t have a clue what kind of things you could do in this world, I hit up YouTube and various wiki articles in order to figure out that you punch trees for wood, turn wood into planks, turn planks into sticks, and turn sticks into tools. From that point on, I always kept a web page open to the minecraft wiki, constantly looking up “recipes” because of the countless times that I’d try to make an axe, but make a hoe instead, or confused swords with shovels.

There was something missing at this point. I got a number of my friends into minecraft, but it got tiresome to pass our laptops around, I think we even hooked up our laptops to a projector in order to give guided tours, once I figured out that there was a multiplayer mode, it made everything so much more social.

We found a friend of ours who was willing to host an always-on server, but the loading time was atrocious, but it was worth it to have all of our projects underway in the same world (my next article will probably be talking about the various projects that we underwent). My friends and I were all so into minecraft that there was always someone to talk to while you were mining for ores or building up dirt walls or whatnot, but eventually the loading time got to me and I split the cost of a dedicated minecraft server with these friends.

In this new world, we wouldn’t make the same mistakes of the old world. There wouldn’t be statues of duck hunt, everyone’s land claims would be respected. A new golden age of minecraft. It was at this point that I also started to tire of minecraft. The idea of spending hours and hours on end getting enough cobblestone to build castle walls or whatnot became tiresome. I ended up spawning a lot of the tools and resources I needed to complete the grandest projects, but as time went on, there were less and less people around to show things off to. A few months later, the server was all but a ghost town. I managed to save a snapshot of the world before the servers went down for good.

Now, a year later, I don’t have much time to spend on gaming, so I booted up minecraft because of its single player ease to log in, log out, and pause the game. This time I spawned an archipelago world in order to bound the scope off my projects. This time it’ll be different.

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