Meditation and Hypnotism

I think these two are the same.

I’ve been reading a lot of guided meditation scripts lately and have found them very similar to a lot of hypnotism scripts that I’ve read previously. They both start by getting you comfortable, and explaining the things that you would be currently feeling. Focussing inwards on your breath, or the feeling of your body pushing down on the floor, all things that are truisms which build rapport between your voice and the subject.

They both continue on from this, and include some actions that the subject performs under your instructions. Things like stretching their necks, breathing with a certain rhythm, moving their limbs in a certain way. These also deepen the rapport between your voice and the subject.

I’ve participated in a number of yoga classes, which more often than not end with some guided meditation. I always chuckle on the inside when I hear a whole lot of hypnotic language, but it’s always harmless things to help you relax, feel open, and the like.

I plan to take this site in the direction of the mind. Initially I planned on a healthy focus on gaming, but with my life the way it is now, I think it’d be better suited to focus on Meditation, Hypnotism and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

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