First xmas gift of the year

I was gifted a game on Steam the other day called Unity of Command from my friend Craig. I saw that he had purchased it and there was a bit of a write up on it. It’s a 1942/43 era game involving the front between Germany and USSR. I never knew too much about this theatre of WW2. Most of my knowledge was around the Eastern Front/Atlantic Theatre. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was a turn based tactics of command style game, which I may actually be able to play due to having to get up at a moments’ notice to take care of my son Odin (he’s almost 3 weeks old).

Craig advised me to read the manual first, which I’m about 1/3 of the way through (it’s not that long, I just read carefully to soak in all of the information). It looks pretty sweet. It seems like a complex war combat boardgame, which I enjoy the videogame form of due to the time savings for setting up, calculations, and finding the time/space to fit in the board. I figure I’m going to start writing guides/tips for games that I’m a fan of, as I’m good at those, and that’ll give a pretty good purpose to this site. This one seems pretty deep, so I likely won’t be familiar enough with it to write anything for quite some time.

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