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Lazy fitness


I read a headline on reddit last week: “LPT: There is a visible difference between not working out at all and doing 15 pushups every day. Make 15 push ups your new ‘not working out’“.  It didn’t convince me to

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Breathing and the 4 stages of competence

not to self: just breathe

The 4 stages of competence is a theory related to the progression from being incompetent to competent at a skill.  Here is the summary of this theory plucked from its’ Wikipedia article: The Four Stages of Learning provides a model

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Meditation and Hypnotism


I think these two are the same. I’ve been reading a lot of guided meditation scripts lately and have found them very similar to a lot of hypnotism scripts that I’ve read previously. They both start by getting you comfortable,

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Mindful Meditation

some photoshopped meditation image

So I think I get meditation. Well, as much as anyone can get an ageless practice. Really, this isn’t as stupid as me proclaiming “I getbirds!” but nobody gets birds. What are birds? We just don’t know. What I mean is that I understand

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