Author: Ryan Graham

Sprint Planning Meeting Introductory Script

whoosh - some sprinting guy

The purpose of a sprint planning meeting is to produce a sprint backlog.  This sprint backlog is the forecasted work that will be completed during the sprint.  The way I’ve run sprint planning meetings has evolved over the last 4 months.  It

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Lazy fitness


I read a headline on reddit last week: “LPT: There is a visible difference between not working out at all and doing 15 pushups every day. Make 15 push ups your new ‘not working out’“.  It didn’t convince me to

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Interviews – what are you looking for

so what is it you do here

Since making the transition from developer to management, I’ve given a lot of interviews.  Both at my last job, Mitel, and my current one, NorthStar Utilities.  This has made me think a lot about the qualities I look for in a new hire, and

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Daggerfall: Aldingwall Explore

aldingwall armor shop

A little while back I read about the Daggerfall Tools for Unity project.  This made me really happy because I’ve been playing with unity for a few months now and really like how now I have access to all of Daggerfall’s

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Bouncing Balls for Babies – Windows

bb4b screenshot 2

I have ported Bouncing Balls for Babies to the Windows 8 store. You can download see it by clicking the Windows Store button below the screenshot. It has actually been on the windows app store for about a month, but

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