A legendary journey

I turned 30 in September. My buddy Curtis, who works with me at prairieFyre Software told me about, and sent me a link to the Montreal Comic Con which was taking place my birthday weekend. He told me that I’d be interested in the guest list. I looked through it for a while, but was relatively non-plussed, to which he replied that I should check it again.

I can’t believe that I missed it the first time (I can’t believe it wasn’t at the top of the list) that Kevin Sorbo was planning to be in attendance.  I flip flopped through August, then decided that I rarely take initiative on things like this, but that’s got to change. I made up my mind and told my wife, who offered to organize the whole trip.

I have many fond memories, while growing up, of watching Global TV on Saturday morning in my moms’ basement. My favorite show that would play during Global’s “Adventure Pack” was Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Kevin Sorbo played the starring role of Hercules, and was always fighting injustice, monsters, and even the gods themselves. Maybe being a dad-less kid growing up had some influence in this, but I idolized Hercules (Kevin Sorbo), and probably soaked up a bunch of maneurisms, attitudes and values from him. That theme song, to this day, instills feelings of excitement, comfort, hope and adventure in me.

I ended up spending my 30th birthday weekend meeting my childhood hero, Kevin Sorbo. It was outstanding. He turned out to be extremely nice, approachable and personable. He even signed my 30th birthday card (which I’ve yet to get framed, but will have a prominent place on my wall). I am really glad that I decided to make this whim into reality, and should really start making that more of a habit. I’ve been told that activities and events are far more meaningful and fulfilling in the long run than property and posessions.

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