Year: 2013

What is stealing focus?

For the last couple of days, the focussed window on my dev box would occasionally lose focus.  It was really annoying.  It would always switch back, but I’d lose a couple letters here or there as I was typing. I

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Click-once application as Administrator

I created a ClickOnce application that had to modify the registry. You can’t do this unless you’re an administrator. I first tried to add an app.manifest file to elevate the application, but ClickOnce won’t anything but asInvoker. Then through some

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Meditation and Hypnotism


I think these two are the same. I’ve been reading a lot of guided meditation scripts lately and have found them very similar to a lot of hypnotism scripts that I’ve read previously. They both start by getting you comfortable,

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Total Recall

total recall

HEY BENNY! SCREW YOU! !!!!!!!!  

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Win+X ease of access customization

I really like Windows 8. The replacement of the start menu with the Windows 8 style (Metro) page is amazing. Since I spend my workdays exclusively on windows machines, I’ve picked up some useful tips to help with usability (I

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