Year archives: 2012

First xmas gift of the year

title screen for unity of command

I was gifted a game on Steam the other day called Unity of Command from my friend Craig. I saw that he had purchased it and there was a bit of a write up on it. It’s a 1942/43 era game involving the front between Germany and USSR. I never knew too much about this …


lucy lu from hercules

I’m sitting on my couch right now with my wife watching an episode of “Elementary” which seems to be some kind of re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes. ┬áKatie was telling me how it’s interesting that having a Sherlock style character in modern day was fine, but the trick was finding an excuse for a Watson character. …

A legendary journey

Kevin Sorbo and I

I turned 30 in September. My buddy Curtis, who works with me at prairieFyre Software told me about, and sent me a link to the Montreal Comic Con which was taking place my birthday weekend. He told me that I’d be interested in the guest list. I looked through it for a while, but was …